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The Disneyfication Project is an idea I put on hold for a few weeks while all of this SOPA/PIPA stuff went on because if these two pieces of legislation passed, well, the point in doing this would have been moot. That and I got sick then pretty busy. You know how that goes.

Then we got good news today, and I decided to say, forget about the worry. I've been wanting to get this off the ground for a while.

The Disneyfication Project aims at cataloging the changes that Disney makes to a work when they adapt it for a feature. Some people see this as a bad thing, and others don't really care. The reason this is done is that Walt Disney's vision was to make quality family entertainment, which meant some things would have to change from books. Not everything would translate well to film, and not everything would be family friendly. In any case, sometimes the differences are miniscule, and sometimes the differences are gigantic.

I have decided to take on the task of going through the Disney films and shorts and writing about the changes made. I also would like to direct people to the original source material. I think it would be interesting to see these kinds of things laid out.

So I've started. I'm trying to think of a good website design while I've already dug into some works. I'm looking forward to doing more work on it and getting some things done!


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