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I finished Bon Jovi's When We Were Beautiful the other day. Actually, it only took about a day to read the whole thing. I just read a couple of pages then set it down on Monday. I might be a bit biased in how much I liked it because I am a big Bon Jovi fan, but I also think that's who would appreciate this book the most. That might seem silly to say, but I think there are some books you can read just for information because you want to know something about a band and then some books you read because you like the band.

When We Were Beautiful gives some insight into the band members' thoughts at different points in its history. The book is mostly comprised of photographs taken at different shows and places the band has visited. Aside from the introduction, all of the written content is by Jon, Richie, David, and Tico. I like this because while they talk about how grateful they are and how amazing it all is, they also hit on the realities. The hiatus, how the band got back together, things like that. There isn't an author taking only what he or she deems the "good parts" and inflating them. And I like that.

The reason I say this is more for the Bon Jovi fan (or someone who just likes to stare at Jon) is the fact that it's mostly pictures. If you're looking for an extensive autobiography, you're not getting it here. It mostly expands on things fans of the band would likely already know. However, if you are a fan, I think you'll like to read this little piece of the boys.


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